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Transportation Services

Transportation Services Page

LCPCS is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable riding experience for its students. The Bus Handbook contains information regarding behavior expectations. Please review this information and discuss it with your child(ren). Riding the school bus is a privilege that can be revoked if a student chooses not to comply with the general safety and behavioral expectations.

The school has a bus service and offers additional pick-ups outside the school catchment area, provided there are at least five students needing transportation. Please contact the LCPCS office to make arrangements if your child(ren) require transportation.

Detailed information can be found in our School Bus Handbook. Please call the school office to get more information on the bus service.

Bus Stop and Bus Route Information

Route 1      Laupahoehoe / Pa’auilo

Morning Pickup:

6:35am    Pa’auilo Store

6:45am    Nui Village

6:50am    Kukui Village Rd. / Milo Rd. / Hana Kaluna Camp Rd.   

6:55am    Waipunalei (on Highway)

7:03am     Laupahoehoe (on Highway)

7:08am     Manowaiopae Homestead

7:10am     Puualaea Rd.

7:15am     LCPCS

Afternoon Drop Off:

2:30pm    Depart LCPCS

2:35pm    Puualaea Rd.

2:37pm    Manowaiopae Homestead

2:42pm    Laupahoehoe (on Highway)

2:50pm    Waipunalei (On Highway)

2:55pm    Nui Village

3:00pm    Kukui Village / Milo Rd. / Hana Kaluna Camp Rd

3:10pm     Paauilo Store


Route 2        Papa’aloa / Papaikou

Morning Pick Up:

6:15am     Papaikou (side of School)

6:20am    Ka’akepa & Pepeekeo St. corner (Bottom Pepeekeo)

6:23am    Kumula St & Ka’akepa St. corner (Top Pepeekeo)

6:30am    Honomu (Honomu Hongwanji)

6:35am    Hakalau (Top Baseball Field)

6:38am    Hakalau (Bottom Post Office)

6:43am    Kauniho Rd & Lepoloa Rd (Umauma)

6:48am    Between Mile Maker 18 & 19

6:52am    Ninole (Post Office)

6:56am    Between Mile Marker 19 & 20

7:00am     Kaikea Camp (Bottom Only)

7:05am     Kapehu Camp

7:08am     Lower Papaaloa Camp

7:10am      Upper Papaaloa Subdivision

7:15am      LCPCS

Afternoon Drop Off:

2:30pm    Depart LCPCS

2:35pm    Upper Papaaloa Subdivision

2:37pm     Lower Papaaloa camp

2:40pm    Kapehu Camp

2:45pm    Kaikea Camp (Bottom Only)

2:49pm    Between Mile Marker 19 & 20

2:53pm    Ninole (Post Office)

2:57pm     Between Mile Marker 18 & 19

3:02pm    Kauniho Rd & Lepoloa Rd (Umauma)

3:07pm     Hakalau (Bottom Post Office)

3:10pm     Hakalau (Baseball Field Top)

3:15pm     Honomu (Honomu Hongwanji)

3:22pm    Kumula St & Ka’akepa St. corner (Top Pepeekeo)

3:25pm    Ka’akepa & Pepeekeo St. corner (Bottom Pepeekeo)

3:30pm    Papaikou (side of school)

Note: times are not exact - give or take 10 minutes.