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May 23, 2017

Laupahoehoe Public
Community Charter School
Governing Board AGENDA
Meeting Type: Regular Board Mtg.
Date: May 23, 2017 Time: 5:30pm Room: Band Room
1. Call to Order Announce Chair 5
a. Attendance/Quorum 2
b. Agenda Review (includes Aloha Etiquette) 2
c. Timekeeper Assign 1
2. Public Comments On Agenda Items Input/Information Chair 10
[Public comments are limited to 3 minutes; at the discretion of the Chair, comment length may be extended]
3. Consent Agenda (CA) Chair 2
[NOTE: Any Trustee may request removal of an item from the CA for any reason. Removed items may be considered immediately or placed on the regular meeting agenda at the discretion of the Chair. Board members may ask questions to clarify or comment on CA items.]
a. Minute Review from April 25, 2017 Decision Board
b. Financial Review (if applicable, quarterly) Decision Don/Gerry
c. Committee Reports
c1. Development
c2. Finance
c3. Governance
c4. Personnel
c5. Hui
4. Correspondence
[NOTE: Correspondence which requires a Board response] - Exhibit A
5. Reports 36
a. Director Report Romeo 30
b. Staff Report Ama 2
c. Faculty Report Naomi 2
d. Student Report
e. Hui Makua Report Rachel 2
6. Old Business 5
a) Organizational Chart Pam 5
7. Presentations/Discussions 45
a) Title 1 / CNA Presentation & Q & A Discussion Romeo 20
b) APF Academic Targets Discussion Romeo 15
c) Prioritization of Values for planning & Budgeting Discussion Board 10
8. New Business 55
a) 2017-18 Budget Decision Gerry 30
b) Board Member Job Description Decision Governance 15
c) Board Member Appointment  Decision Governance 5
d) Governance Committee Chair Decision Governance 5
9. Public Comment on non-agenda items Input/Information Chair
10. Executive Session (ES) Chair
The ES serves 3 core functions: (1) assures confidentiality, (2) creates a mechanism for Board independence and oversight, and (3)enhances relationships among Board members and with the School Director. While in ES, only Board members and individuals invited by the Chair may be present. At the option of the Chair, the School Director or other Board members may be excused.
11. Announcements Announce Jerby 1
a) Upcoming Meetings
i. Agenda Setting - June 13, 2017 at 5:30pm
ii. Finance Committee - June 13, 2017 at 6:00pm
iii. Regular Board Meeting - June 27, 2017
iv. Due Dates for Commission -
b) School Events
Please refer to the calendar at www.lcpcs.org
12. Adjournment Announce Chair 1
Executive Session will include members' assessment of the meeting and suggestions for process improvement.
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