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Feb 10, 2015 - Executive Committee


Laupāhoehoe Community Public Charter School

Executive Board Committee Meeting Agenda
click the link above for pdf of agenda

2/10/15  5:30 pm  LCPCS Admin Conference Room

Meeting Notes
(pdf available after the meeting)


I. Call to Order

II. Attendance

III. Reports

    1. Request by Juliet Higgins to test water quality on campus (Administration)

      Status: Juliet following up, will discuss with Paki. Nothing new.

    2. Follow up to insure "right to know disclosure" pesticide/herbicide usage on lcpcs campus policy has been noted as operating procedure and has formally been updated in the publicly accessible policy/procedure guidelines(Administration)

      Status: Nothing new.

    3. Security System & Re-key Bid Information and the Procurement Policy (Finance)

      Status: Jason working on Procurement Policy revision. In process.

    4. Request from Hui re: Hybrid Bus (Tracy)

      Status: In process.

IV. Unfinished Business

A. Previously Addressed by the Board

    1. Board Candidate Review
    2. Grading Policy

    B. Not Addressed by the Board

    1. None

    V. New Business

    1. SY15-16 Academic Plan
    2. (proposal placeholder)
    3. Procurement Policy Amendments
    4. Purchase Cards Policy Amendments
    5. Obtain School Purchase Card
    6. Copier Lease Contract
    7. 2014-15FY Budget Amendment
    8. 2015-16FY Budget Draft

VI. Executive Session

  1. Unfinished Business
    1. Personnel Matters
      1. School Director Goals
  2. New Business
    1. Legal Issues
    2. Personnel Matters

    a. New Hires

     3. Concerns


VII. Secretary recap & Announcements 

1. Next Board Meetings

a. Personnel Committee – 2/10/15, 6pm (after Exec), Admin Conference Rm
b. Finance Committee – 2/19, 5:30p, Admin Conference Rm
c. Governance Committee – 2/19, 7pm (after Finance), Admin Conference Rm
d. Regular Monthly Board – 2/24, 5:30p, Band Rm
e. Development Committee – 3/3/15, 6pm, Admin Conference Rm

2. State Charter School Commission Meetings & Deadlines

a. 2/12 - General Business meeting, 10:30a, Oʻahu
b. 2/20 - Indemnification due to EPICENTER (Round 5 - for activities between 2/6/15 to 6/30/15)

3. Upcoming School Events

a. Please see calendar on lcpcs.org

4. Assignment of tasks

VII. Adjourn