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Paki's Manaʻo....Thoughts from our School Director
  1. It is unfortunate that when we hear the word "discipline" in school, our first instinct is to think of “discipline” as “punishment,” or the consequence of bad behavior. But being “disciplined” is also about having the self control to make good choices. Discipline is perhaps the most important skill our students need in order to be successful in life. The relationship between discipline and behavior should always be about helping students understand the connection between their choices and the naturally occurring result. When we are disciplined, we take actions that help us achieve our hopes and dreams. At LCPCS, we are helping students make that connection, so that they do the work necessary to create their desired futures. 

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2.24.15 board meeting announcement
Ka Lau V.1 I.10
Ka Lau V.1 I.10: Elementary Art Classes Resume
also, Dusty Display Case Transformed into Showcase for Community Collections
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Ka Lau V.1 I.9
Ka Lau V.1 I.9: Basketball and Life Lessons:
Boys Varsity Basketball at LCPCS
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